Firebrand's Solution

Why do some cigars not draw well, not stay lit, burn down the side, not ash up?

It’s really quite simple – the tobacco leaf is great for flavor, but not a very good burnable agent. To wit, the stems and veins are infinitely random, both in their location in the cross-section of the cigar and in their individual density and groupings. Therefor they have variable burn rates and infinitely individual burn characteristics. This causes problems when their poor burn characteristics impact your cigar smoking experience.

Veins of cigar 

In an industry that has had no real Innovation in 150 years, Firebrand Cigar Company solves this problem by adding a second burnable agent – alcohol vapors. This process creates a consistent burn rate by dramatically changing the cigar’s stems and veins by breaking them down at a cellular level and adding an accelerant so they burn like the leaf. That’s why every Firebrand cigar burns better.

Cigar ash even burn 

It’s all in Firebrand’s patent pending process - Alcohol Vapor Infused Cigar Sterilization (Patent Pending # 62/762,877). It starts in the proprietary Pressure Vessel, a new design that incorporates all three prior functions. This “Jules Verne” looking contraption is where alcohol vapors measuring 97% or more Ethyl Alcohol are actively infused and begin to work their magic of softening the stems and veins and sterilizing every Firebrand Cigar. In addition, the new pressure vessel design includes a proprietary Equalization function. In these hermetically sealed chambers the cigars normalize in a controlled temperature, moisture and pressurized environment for a specified period of time.

Alcohol Vapor Infused Cigar Sterilization  #62/762,877 

The new Pressure Vessel design (first in, first out) acts as Finishing Drawers, as well. It keeps every cigar fresh, immersed in controlled alcohol vapors, for final sale. Every cigar is handpicked and inspected for freshness, feel, wrapper color, size, humidity, and finally each cigar is individually tested for draw and banded by wrapper (Habano), white (Connecticut Shade) and blue (Maduro)!

After their prolonged stay in the new Pressure Vessel, they are ready to be coveted and enjoyed by the serious cigar smoker.