Firebrand Wrappers

The cigar‘s wrapper leaf accounts for 60% to 70% of the strength and flavor of the cigar. The binder and filler are picked specifically to complement the wrapper.


The Firebrand Cigar Company uses a special process that represents the ONLY new cigar innovation in the last 150 years. The Patent-Pending process is called: Alcohol-Vapor-Infused Cigar Sterilization (Patent Pending # 62/762,877) Simply put - alcohol vapors measuring 97% or more Ethyl Alcohol, are infused into the cigar in a process that adds a second burnable agent and accelerant. This process makes every cigar taste and behave better!


The process offers numerous benefits to the smoker:

* Draws impeccably smooth – each one is draw tested to ensure a smooth experience.

* Burns constant & even – no running down the side, going out, poor ash-up, or relighting.

* Ashes up long & firm – the sugar component of the alcohol causes the cigar tobacco, to “Case Harden” as it burns.

* Sterilizes every Firebrand Cigar - Firebrand's proprietary patent- pending process is anti-microbial (defined as 70% ethyl alcohol or more, see hand sanitizer). It is great for a product that comes from 3rd world countries where you don’t drink the water, and where every cigar is touched by up to 30 people in the processing.

* Flavor profile is exceptional - the consistent burn draws out the best flavor profile of the tobacco.

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