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A short story: A Two-Hour Cigar!

I was in Atlanta, Georgia, about to start the journey back to my home at Lake Burton, about 2 hours away,  I clipped and lit my Firebrand “Connecticut” Double Corona Cigar, see before and after photos below on left.

It was a beautiful day, the window was down, the sunroof was open…and I was driving about 70 miles per hour, see middle photo below.

I pulled up in the front yard, see photo on right. My cigar was still lit, about two inches remaining, an inch of hard gray ash, still tasted wonderfully and was still burning through the cross-section as it should. It never needed to be re-lit or touched up the entire trip, talk about GREAT burn characteristics! It just doesn’t get any better than that! 

Warmest Regards,

Reginald R. Landers
CEO, The Firebrand Cigar Company

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